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 RI Civic Chorale Lecture Series – Subscription Information

As you know, the Chorale has suspended in-person activities this Fall due to the pandemic, However, RICCO’s artistic leadership will present five virtual lectures that navigate through music history, from medieval chant to the 20th Century. The lectures will highlight a number of essential composers and beloved choral works, while weaving a narrative that discusses the development of this music. Such insight aims to captivate interest and to present a deeper understanding for singers and music appreciators alike, regardless of experience and prior knowledge.

The music is compelling, the lectures are engaging, and we hope you will set aside time to join us this fall for these wonderful artistic offerings. The lectures will be held via Zoom and subscribers will receive a link to each lecture by email.

September 9, 8:00pm Renaissance: Chant to Motet Joshua W. Rohde

We will start with an introduction to the lecture series.

This first lecture will cover the early evolution of choral music and how insight into this development impacts everything we sing.

September 23, 8:00pm Baroque: Bach “Passions” Joshua W. Rohde

An in-depth look at two of Bach’s most important and meaningful works, his St. John and St. Matthew Passions.

October 14, 8:00pm Classical/Romantic: Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven 1791-1803 Joshua W. Rohde

The approach and turn of the 19th Century saw three of Classical music’s most influential composers all writing music at the same time, while developing the genre at an immensely rapid pace.

November 4, 8:00pm 19th Century: Mahler “Symphony No. 8” Nicholas Rocha

An in-depth look at Mahler’s all encompassing “Symphony of a Thousand”

November 11, 8:00pm 20th Century: An English Point of View on War Joshua W. Rohde

On Veteran’s Day, the anniversary of the end of World War I, we look to English composers Ralph Vaughan Williams and Benjamin Britten to discover their involvement and musical reflections on war.

The cost for the five-lecture series is $35 and you may subscribe through Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fall-2020-lecture-series-tickets-117544774585. Please join the RICCO community for this engaging lecture series!

If you are interested in participating in all our virtual “rehearsals” this Fall, consisting of the lectures, voice coaching, and composer discussions, you may join us as a member for the member fee of $100 for the full season (September to May 2021). Just go to www.ricco.org, click on the donate button and note on your payment that this is a membership fee.

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